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We are very glad to welcome you to this special and great platform of Business Information, Skill Acquisition, Food Empowerment and Financial Transformation opportunities.
Africa Relief Fund Organisation is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO).


  1. To carry out programmes of relief for the less-priviledged, afflicted, downtrodden and poverty alleviation in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.
  2. To fight the trend of ‘Brain Drain’ in Africa by developing the potential of youths in the continent of Africa.
  3. To render financial assistance to the disadvantaged and needy people in Nigeria and Africa.
  4. To carry out various programmes of eradication or alleviation of poverty in the lives of Nigerian people and other Africans.
  5. To carry out Economic Empowerment programmes for the benefit of members of the organization and other interested persons in Nigeria and other countries of Africa.
  6. To organize local, national and international seminars, conference, trainings, teachings and symposiums for the betterment of lives of Nigerians and Africans.
  7. To provide fund for the benefit of the sick, injured, afflicted, orphaned, handicapped and hopeless in the federation of Nigeria and other countries of Africa.

Our cardinal objective is to tackle hunger headlong in Africa. Hunger is a monster that has ravaged many parts of Africa. Without going historical, hunger has been with us in this part of the World for so long. It is high time we arose and with the support of the other parts of the World to tame the ravaging monster called `hunger`. To this and our darling organisation (Africa Relief Fund Org.) has taken up the challenge of reducing hunger in the Land of Africa. The Organisation has been distributing various food items to the masses since January 2013. The number of the beneficiaries is on the increase as expected, therefore to keep this gesture going we need more support from every concerned individual, Organisation, corporate body, nation, etc
You do not have to have so much to give to your neighbor. You can show concern with that little amount of money or relief material, which is where the Organisation comes in. It is a platform for both big time givers and the small givers to do their giving with the ultimate goal of passing everything to the beneficiaries. Do not think about yourself and your family alone; be concerned about so many other people out there experiencing hunger. When people have enough food to eat, the pressure on the society becomes seriously reduced. This affects the society at large positively. Think about those times you had been hungry yourself and show a little love by partnering with Africa Relief Fund Organisation to feed someone out there. Make someone happy with your stipence. Staring at you now is a fertile ground to be blessed; ‘remember givers never lack’.
So far so good, Africa Relief Fund Organisation is in a familiar terrain when it comes to rendering humanitarian services. We have a culture of transparency and excellent administration to administer any grant or donation received. Africa Relief Fund Organisation provides a perfect platform for those seeking a reliable and credible NGO to support or partner with in terms of carrying out your humanitarian gesture.


  1. Support the down trodden or the less privileged by giving them food.
  2. Support ICT and vocational training for members and the masses.
  3. Donate vehicles and trucks for logistic support and distributions.
  4. Support the establishment of health centers and boreholes in the rural areas.
  5. Support take off grant or initial capital for trained individuals.
  6. Give us instruction on how to use your grant or donation in specific areas of your choice.
  7. Support victims of natural disasters.

We must all do our little bit to create happiness for everyone in our society to make our society peaceful. In doing this, we are also fulfilling God purpose for our creation.
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